Other Services

Car Window tinting

Window tinting is not just the appearance of the car. Effectively reduce the temperature inside the car and protect against the sun. We use a very sophisticated film laminates that have a lifetime warranty. Therefore you do not need to worry that they will change color and bubble rise. All products come from the USA and are of the highest quality.

Complete car cleaning

We offer valet and cleaning upholstery, cleaning the chassis and the engine compartment, waxing and polishing the car.

One of our services is to change. You can park your car in the settlement and make the switch to set the conditions on both sides of the other held by us in full working order after a review of the car.


If as a result of damage to the car repair cost exceeds the value of the car
we have been disposing of cars and sorting out all the paperwork.The payment for the car is determined by the current price for scrap metal and is dependent on the mass of the car.