About us

We are a modern auto workshop dealing with complex repair of cars and vans. The experience gathered for many years and then for the sake of the customer upgrading their skills riding for specialized training and working with partner sites.

We have modern equipment and specialized tools and continuing to invest in the brand diagnostic equipment to ensure that our services become even more proffesional. todays cars have extensive electronics so it is necessary to diagnose the problem. We use brand diagnostic equipment for lifts LAUNCH. We work on known reputable companies: STENHØJ oraze NUSSBAUM.

Scope of services
- Painting, polishing
- Computer Diagnostics
- Garages
- Welding (exhaust systems)
- Periodic Inspection (oil and filters, timing)
- Recovery
- Disposal
- Tire service (replacement, balancing)
- Repair of boats and caravans (w / g individual arrangements)
- Window stickers
- Complete car cleaning