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About the company

We are a modern auto workshop dealing with complex repair of cars and vans. The experience gathered for many years and then for the sake of the customer upgrading their skills riding for specialized training and working with partner sites.

We have modern equipment and specialized tools and continuing to invest in the brand diagnostic equipment to ensure that our services have become even more professional.

We use branded LAUNCH diagnostic equipment. We work with reputable companies known lifts: STENHØJ and NUSSBAUM.

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A special thank you
For Marcelina , Gary, Ryan and Jacqui for help in opening the workshop.
Also, Ryan and Steven for the Autotune for help in solving the major problems and employees
JNK Components for friendly service and assistance in organizing parts and Przemek for creating the site.
Borys Ogórkiewicz
Auto Star

Car Window tinting

Window tinting is not just the appearance of the car.

Effectively reduce the temperature inside the car and protect against the sun. We use a very sophisticated film laminates that have a lifetime warranty. Therefore you do not need to worry that they will change color and bubble rise. All products come from the USA and are of the highest quality.